Saturday, February 5, 2011

What's to say? Thanks.

Not much to say about the week that was except that I've heard from dozens of friends forwarding job postings, offers of assistance, offers of part-time work, offers of housing, offers of cash and no-interest loans. Thank you to everyone who's responded in any way--with kind words, asking after my mom, checking in on her in Forest Park, helping me think through my situation and how I might get it righted. I really appreciate your help and thoughts and I know my mom does, too.

Nothing new on the Brandolino front. The Beachwood Reporter picked up my second post about him ( and I was contacted late last week by a national business Web site that may or may not run them, too. If that happens, I'll include a link.

The job hunt from afar proceeds apace. Couple good leads but nothing solid--not yet anyway.

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