Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hawks lose! I know!

So some very, very good news from the SMKN1 guest house: WGN Radio streaming live. I've been having nothing but trouble with Skype and video chat and had sort of given up hope that I'd be able to follow the Hawks this season except in re-cap stories (Chris Kuc, your punishingly formulaic lede is waiting) and various blog musings. BUT. Logged in this morning and waited through a long bit of data processing pinwheeling, and then ... Wideman and Murray came through in crystal clarity. Heard the powerplay goal to tie it, then the OT loser. So what? One point, and the possibility of following these guys from 10,000 miles away. I'll take it.

Listening to the recap show now and afternoon prayers underway at the school mosque right behind my house. Pretty cool juxtaposition.


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