Saturday, October 30, 2010

More from Merapi

The volcano continues to erupt, although you wouldn't know it on the SMKN1 campus. Everything business-as-usual here. I drove out a couple days ago to see what I could see from a scenic overlook facing the north side of Merapi and all was rain clouds and fog. Stopped at a camp for displaced residents and the scene was very relaxed. Soldiers and Red Cross volunteers at the site far outnumbered the volcano refugees--although the menfolk were apparently out tending fields and animals--and when I asked one of the young coordinators if the camp was lacking supplies or aide workers, he said, Not yet.

Driving out tonight to a different camp and will report back from that experience. My friends in Yogyakarta, also called Jogja, report lots of ash in the streets. One is wearing a dust mask in his house. None of that here, though. I would have no idea a major, ongoing volcanic event was underway maybe 20 miles from my door if it weren't for Internet and TV news. My co-workers are completely unfazed.

Something from the Globe:

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